Western edge of Kyushu, Nozaki Island where you find footprints from the past


[ATTENTION] For visitors
Nozaki Island is almost unihabited island. For your comfortable and safe journey, please make sure you understand the following.

Basic access to the Nozaki Island is:
Main island of Kyushu (Sasebo or Hakata port) or one of the major islands of "Goto islands",(Fukue or Nakado) --> Ojika Island --> Nozaki Island
The municipal ferry-line "Hamayu" trips between Ojika and Nozaki Island. Two round-trips per day.
But Hamayu is suspended twice a month,so please check with Ojika Island Tourism Office beforehand
*You can also charter a boat
(A reservation is needed, 10,000 yen for one way between Ojika and Nozaki Island).
*If it is impossible to use Nokubi harbor by bad weather, the boat need to use Nozaki harbor instead. In that case, the charge will be 15,000 yen.
Nozaki is the uninhabitet island and so surrounded by pristine natural environment.
You might encounter wild animals, insects, and/or falling rocks.
You must be well prepared with enough gear, food, and more.
(click here for the details of recommended outfit and gear)
For your safety, please contact Ojika Island Tourism Office before you visit the island.

Ojika Island Tourism Office
(Email communications only. Please write either in Japanese/romaji or English as much as possible.): yoyaku@ojikajima.jp
The Nokubi church building is locked up for security purposes.
So please let Ojika Island Tourism Office know in advance that you are coming to see the church building. Otherwise, you might not be able to see the inside of the building.

The municipal ferry "Hamayu" is strongly dependent on the weather.
If you allow us to know about your visit well in advance, Ojika Island Tourism Office can help you with your trip as much as possible by for example, informing you as soon as we find possible ferry cancellation and so on.

Ojika Island Tourism Office
In Ojika harbor terminal building
(Email communications only. Please write either in Japanese/romaji or English.):