Western edge of Kyushu, Nozaki Island where you find footprints from the past


マップ マップ 小値賀島→野崎島 アクセス
(Ojika Island)
Nozaki Island Fuefuki
(Ojika Island)
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はまゆう イメージ
・The Hamayu pier is a five-minute walk from Ojika harbor ferry terminal.
・The ferry ride to Nozaki Island stops by Mushima Island on the way.
・One way 500 yen (elementary school kids or younger 250 yen). The payment will be collected on the ferry.
・You can also charter a boat.
Sample rate: Ojika harbor - Nokubi harbor (up to 12 people) one way 10,000 yen

Please ask us for the reservations of the charter.
Ojika Island Tourism Office
In Ojika harbor terminal building
(Email communications only. Please write either in Japanese/romaji or English.): yoyaku@ojikajima.jp

[Service Holidays] The "Hamayu" service is not available on the first and third Sundays of each month.
Unexpected service delay or cancellation might occur due to the weather conditions.